Club Rules
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Revised Dec 27, 2015

Rules and Regulations

Club Rules
Airport Rules

Club Rules

Revised January 2006
  1. All flying and models will comply with curent AMA Safety Codes.

  2. Flying is restricted to current club members and their guests who have proof of current AMA insurance. Guests will be asked to join after three visits.

  3. There will be no flying prior to 9:00am or after dark (when blue airport taxiway lights are illuminated). Flying will only occur when the airport is VFR. There will be no flying over or near the residences to the east, within 500' from the full-size aircraft runway to the west, or over the pit area, or above 400' of altitude. All flying will be done west of the oak tree in a SW to NE angle tot he model runway, except takeoff and landing.

  4. All engines above .051 will be equiped with a muffler. All aircraft will meet the sound limit of 100db at 3 meters.

  5. [Revised] Transmitters may not be turned on unless the frequency is open and your current club membership or AMA card is placed on the corresponding clip on the frequency board (only 1 card per channel). Transmitters MUST impounded when there are (2) or more transmitters on the same channel present at the field. Frequency possession is limited to 15 minutes. All transmitters must comply with current AMA/FCC requirements and display the appropriate flag or frequency identification numbers

  6. All flying will be done from the flight stations. Only pilots, instructors and spotters are permitted to stand at the flight stations.

  7. Novice pilots will not attempt to fly a model without being assisted by an instructor until they have reached the minimum fligh proficiency level as demonstrated by the flight instructor.

  8. Pilots new to the club are required to demonstrate flight proficiency to a club officer/instructor.

  9. Alcohol is not allowed at the field. Fliers will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the flying field.

  10. Spectators are welcome, but must remain in the designated areas. Children must be controlled. Animals must be leashed.

  11. All vehicles entering and leaving the flying site will adhere to the posted 25 MPH speed limit on Beacon Road (15 MPH recommended). Vehicles will be driven down the south edge of the runway and will not be driven in front of any pilot engaging in flying.

  12. Helicopter flying (including hovering) shall only take place forward of the flight line.

  13. There shall be no flight over the runway except for take-off and landing.

  14. In case of a malfunction promptly announce the problem to the other pilots and attempt to make a safe landing.

  15. Dead-stick aircraft and landing aircraft have the right-of-way over all others.

  16. Flight boxes and models being prepared for flight will be restricted to the pit area.

  17. Taxiing into the pits after a flight is not permitted. When engines are run in the pits, keep bystanders well away and behind the prop arc. Do not aim prop wash at other persons or models.

  18. Please clean up you pit area when you are finished and take all of your trash with you.

  19. The rules may be modified temporarily for special circumstances by the Flight Safety Officer or by the Contest Director.

  20. the requirements defined in section 9.5 of the Airport Rules for operating radio controlled model aircraft are incorporated here in. Specifically paragraphs 9.51 through 9.55.

  21. Be SAFE, have FUN, and ENJOY your flying.

Airport Rules


    All radio-controlled aircraft operating on or about the AIRPORT shall do so only under the authority and provisions of this section.

  • 9.51 - Operating Times

    All radio-controlled operations shall be conducted only on such days and times a specified and authorized by the AIRPORT Manager.

  • 9.52 - Operating Area

    All radio-controlled operations shall be conducted int eh specified area as directed by the AIRPORT Manager. Flights shall not exceed 400' AGL or extend closer than 500' to the Runway.

  • 9.53 - Right-of-Way

    All radio-controlled operations shall yield the right-of-way to all otehr types of aircraft which may be operating on or near the AIRPORT. Radio-controlled aircraft, upon observing other aircraft in the immediate vicinity shall immediately vacate the area so as to not create any hazard or conflict with the other aircraft types. Radio-controlled operations may continue upon assurance that conflict with other aircraft no longer exists.

  • 9.54 - Ground Observer

    All pilots of radio controlled (R/C) shall provide a qualified observer to be present during thei operation. It shall be the duty of the observer to watch for additional air traffic which may be in conflict with R/C operation and my go unnoticed by the R/C pilot. The observer shall identify such traffic to the R/C pilot, so as to avoid any unnecessary hazards or conflict.

  • 9.55 - Vehicle Parking

    All vehicles shall be parked in designated parking areas only. No vehicle shall enter into, park on or near, or drive upon any active taxiway or runway without specific authorization by the AIRPORT Manager. Vehicles shall access the parking area only through the designated gate, and then remain clear of all aircraft operating areas unless authroized otherwise.